We make a living by what we do,

but we make a life by what we give


Prepare and Deliver Meals

Meal preparation and delivery is the heart of our services.

Delivering free meals to our clients and their family removes the stress of daily
tasks allowing focus on family time and rest and


Yard Maintenance

Just like meal delivery, volunteers help our clients with yard maintenance who can't
physically maintain their yard.

This provides security, a sense of pride, allows focus on treatments, rest and HEALING.

Support Group Professionals

We are looking for compassionate leaders, licensed professionals, and heart-driven facilitators to listen and help our clients through their difficult time.

Support group leaders are important to our community and provide a unique and personal service to those who are in need.

Nutrition Education

Eating a healthy diet and being physically active are very important for people diagnosed with cancer, both during and after cancer treatment which helps in reducing risk of cancer coming back, the development of another cancer, and helps to provide a healing environment within the body and mind.

We are looking for certified nutritionists to assist our clients with their
nutritional needs.